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Reserve Reeds

Ideal for the advancing student and professional alike, our Reserve line of reeds is engineered from our own naturally-grown cane using the most innovative digital production processes for ultimate consistency.

Reserve Alto Saxophone Reeds

A premium, filed reed that offers a rich, warm tone, a heavy spine that promotes dynamic flexibility, and exceptional tone quality in all registers, a long vamp profile to produce consistency of response, and a traditional tip thickness for ease of articulation.

  • Available in half strengths, from 2.0 to 4.5, with a special 3.0+ strength
  • Allows the player to achieve an even, fluid, and warm sound, and to approach the saxophone with greater ease
Reed package
Vamp Diagram
Tip Diagram


Richie Hawley Video

Richie Hawley

Professor of Clarinet, The Shepherd School of Music, Rice University
Reserve products can play a small but meaningful part in your journey towards success. It's time to make your dreams a reality, make a difference, and make "someday" today.

Reserve Bb Video

Beth Fabrizio

Director of Bands, Hilton Central School District - Rochester, NY
Reserve products can play a small but meaningful part in your journey towards success. It's time to make your dreams a reality, make a difference, and make "someday" today.

Kyle Young Video

Kyle Young

Associate Director of Bands, Carmel High School
Reserve products can play a small but meaningful part in your journey towards success. It's time to make your dreams a reality, make a difference, and make "someday" today.

Choosing the Right Reed Strength

The resistance or strength of Reserve reeds is measured in numbers. Reeds with lower strengths have less resistance and are vibrate more easily, whereas reeds with higher strengths have more resistance and vibrate less easily.

Similar to testing mouthpieces, listen first for ease of response. If it is too difficult to produce a sound, try a lower strength reed. If it is too easy to produce a sound, try a higher strength reed.

Then, listen for clarity of sound. If the sound is too spread, lacks focus, or is difficult to control, try a higher strength reed. If the sound is too brittle, dull, or fuzzy, try a lower strength reed.

The ideal combination of reed strength and mouthpiece facing should produce ease of response paired with a full and focused sound.

Clarinet Reed Strength Comparison Chart
Sax Reed Strength Comparison Chart

Reed Care 101

Break in reeds gradually, over a period of a few days. It is generally recommended to limit reed use to 10-20 minutes in the first few days of a reed's life. Once reeds are broken in, reeds should be rotated. Break-in and rotation will prolong lifespan and keep reeds sounding great.

Proper storage is important for maintaining stable, well-functioning reeds. Avoid using the plastic holders that reeds come in as a permanent storage solution. Our signature Multi-Instrument Reed Storage Case features two-way humidity control, which regulates the humidity level inside the case and prevents warping.

Always use a mouthpiece cap when the reed is still on the mouthpiece but not in use. This prevents reed damage and keeps the reed from drying out. Do not store a reed on the mouthpiece.

Gary Whitman, Bass Clarinet, Fort Worth Symphony (USA), Professor of Clarinet, Texas Christian University (USA)
"The new Reserve Classic reed by D'Addario gives me the depth of sound and response for any performing situation, from orchestral to chamber music and solo recitals."
Guy Yehuda, Professor of Clarinet, Michigan State University (USA)
"A remarkable breakthrough in achieving unparalleled consistency and response with the new Reserve Classic reeds"
Alistair Moseley, Principal Clarinet, Birmingham Philharmonic Orchestra (UK)
"The reeds are terrific! A real revelation after years of wrestling with increasingly poor reeds of all types from other manufacturers."
Paul Harris, Educator, Royal College of Music (UK)
"Really enjoying the flexibility and consistency of the Reserve reeds."
Derek Hannigan, Substitute Principal Clarinet, The City of London Sinfonia (UK), Section Principal Clarinet, English National Ballet (UK), Principal Bass Clarinet, BBC Concert Orchestra (UK)
"D'Addario has done a fantastic job with the Reserve Classic reeds. The quality and consistency of the reeds are superb. They make for a much easier life as a reed player especially during busy patches of work. I would not use anything else."
Joseph Eller, Professor of Clarinet, University of South Carolina (USA)
"I find the new D'Addario reeds to be a huge step up in overall tone quality, resonance, and longevity. The consistency throughout each box is higher than before and the overall quality of cane is much better."
Karl Kolbeck, Assistant Professor of Woodwinds, Wayne State College (USA)
"My professional career literally launched when I started playing Reserve Classic reeds. Thank you for all that you have done on behalf of clarinet and saxophone players everywhere! Keep up the good work."
Eli Eban, Professor of Clarinet, Jacobs School of Music, Indiana University (USA)
"Superb mechanical design. Cut is very even and reeds have body and resilience and controlled vibrancy."
Rosemary G., Beta Tester
"This reed is much smoother when I play as compared to my usual reeds. It also allows me to achieve a better transition, when I cross the break"
Matthew H., Beta Tester
"It has better response when tonguing, and it has a warmer sound with less effort required to play (allowing for more control in volume and tone)."
Jordan T., Beta Tester
"This reed was much more responsive. I also felt that it took much less time to break in than [my current reed]. It was just a pleasure to play on."
Amanda B., Beta Tester
"The tone was beyond compare."
Ron H., Beta Tester
"Great responsiveness right out of the box without any alterations (shaving, clipping, etc.)."
Alan K., Beta Tester
"Easy to play the entire range of the clarinet."
Ted C., Beta Tester
"They allowed me a little more expression without having to worry about compensating for anything."
Shane B., Beta Tester
"The response and ease of playing was absolutely shockingly good! They've held up to a lot of playing without breaking down on me. They have a great, large centered tone, but are wonderfully flexible when they need to be."
Paul Dean, Artistic Director, Australian National Academy of Music (Australia)
"These reeds are GOLD! I was almost at my wits end after all these years of searching for something that has a great tone and flexibility. Thank you to the geniuses at D'Addario…you have made playing the clarinet a pleasure for me again!"
Diana Tolmie, Lecturer in Music Studies and Professional Practice, Queensland Conservatorium, Griffith University
"After working in the music industry in a variety of genres for over 25 years, it is wonderful to finally have such a crucial part of one's sound making as the most reliable element."
Jay Byrnes, Director, Saxophone Academy Sydney (Australia)
"With such clarity in response, consistency and brilliance of tone, I find the D'Addario Reserve Reeds to be a cut above the rest and recommend them to professionals and students alike."
Philip Everall, Head of Woodwinds, Western Australia Academy of Performing Arts (Australia)
"The new Reserve Classic reeds from D'Addario are a big step forward in reed design. Some of the features in this new design are things I've wanted in a reed for some time now: a wider tip for warmth, a quicker taper for a vibrant sound, and a small amount of tilt for crisp articulation without sacrificing the ‘oomph' I need. I used to make my own reeds so that I could have everything I want, but now it comes straight out of the box – and with the best quality cane. Now, I know I'll always have a great reed on hand."
Michael Norsworthy, Professor of Clarinet, The Boston Conservatory (USA)
"The new line of D'Addario reeds for clarinet represent the next step in evolution as the perfect marriage of science and art. They offer unparalleled consistency from box to box and help take the guesswork out of me making my personal sound. With a choice of thick blank or thin blank, these reeds help me tailor the sound to every unique performing situation and make the possibilities endless. Start making art and leave the science to D'Addario!"
Jessica Lindsey, Assistant Professor of Clarinet, UNC Charlotte (USA)
"I am impressed with the quality and the uniformity of the D'Addario Reserve Classic Clarinet Reeds. Through all of the various reed strengths, the reeds are consistent in balance; as they increase in resistance the balance of the reed continues to stay the same. My students and I play them regularly!"
Michael Ibrahim, Associate Professor of Saxophone, West Virginia University (USA)
"D’Addario Reserve Classic reeds consistently offer a natural sound – one that is resonant while flexible, allowing me to freely explore the music I perform."
Otis Murphy, Professor of Saxophone, Indiana University (USA)
"Reserve saxophone reeds are something special! They have a beautiful response and a resonant sound throughout the saxophone’s full range and produce a crystal-clear tone color that is comfortable, natural and balanced."
Joel Vanderheyden, Associate Professor of Music and Director of Jazz, Jefferson College (USA)
"Smooth, even timbre and response throughout the entire range of the horn and into the altissimo register. What more could you ask for?"
Richie Hawley, Professor of Clarinet, Shepherd School of Music, Rice University (Houston, TX)
"Reserve Classic reeds give me flexibility of dynamics and colors of expression that I never thought possible on the clarinet."
Diane Barger, Hixson-Lied Professor of Clarinet, University of Nebraska Lincoln (USA)
"Since making the switch to the new D'Addario Reserve Classic reeds, I find that I am able to achieve a more consistent, resonant tone quality throughout all ranges of the instrument and throughout a variety of articulation styles than with my former brand of reed. Once I tried these reeds, I never looked back."
Larry Guy, Adjunct Professor of Clarinet, Vassar College (USA), Clarinet Faculty, Juilliard Pre-College and Manhattan School of Music Precollege Division (USA)
"I think these reeds are excellent. They are vibrant, responsive, and rich in sound. They tend to be stable and long-lived, and they warp much less easily than other brands."
Mark Nuccio, Associate Principal & Solo Eb Clarinet, New York Philharmonic, Principal Clarinet, Houston Symphony Orchestra
"Awesome reeds with great consistency, warmth of tone, and a nice balance of treble and bass quality within."